Indoor lamps Accessories

Accessories for lamps

To realize the most of your lighting system, Il Fanale provides a range of accessories that include grids, cables, conduits and everything you need to complete the installation of the lamps that produce. The technical department in the company always available to meet requests or special needs and to carry out custom projects for its customers.

Canaline 300.03

Canaline 300.04

Canaline 300.05

Canaline 200.32

Canaline 200.33

Canaline 200.39

Canaline 200.55

Canaline 200.56

Canaline 200.54

Canaline 300.37

Loft 269.54

Grid Ø 570 mm

Loft 269.53

Grid Ø 420 mm

Loft 269.52

Grid Ø 300 mm

Loft 269.51

Grid Ø 220 mm