The lamps designed by Il Fanale are works "of art and light", unique priceless furniture, able to fit harmoniously into contemporary living contexts or more classic and traditional ones. A distinctive feature of each collection is the Made in Italy production, entirely Italian, blending perfectly the finest craftsmanship with the latest lighting techniques, thereby creating high quality products made from the finest raw materials. The design of each lamp by Il Fanale is the best combination of form and function and it is aimed at an audience in search of a personal style and sophisticated, but also attentive to the latest furnishing trends. Simple lines, clean and elegant with international influences are integrated and respect the Italian artisan creating lamps characterized by a balance of volumes and proportions and creativity without excesses that stands out the value belonging to the product.

Lampade per interni

Indoor lamps

Unique and inimitable pieces, the interior lamps of Il Fanale are an expression of Italian craftsmanship and interpret the evolution of taste with quality materials and high aesthetic content.

Lampade per esterni

Outdoor lamps

The outdoor lamps illuminate our outdoor environments ensuring great functionality to the outdoor view and creating evocative atmospheres.